See the family-friendly resort of Golden Sands, Bulgaria!

To experience the holiday of your dreams is necessary not only to find a nice beach and good conditions for having fun (restaurants, night clubs, beach attractions), but a nice place where there is a pleasant environment allowing you to fully relax too…

As you know, in Europe there are many beautiful places suitable for your summer vacation, but are they all good enough for a relaxing vacation during the hottest time of year? – That is exactly the topic of the day! To tell you where to go in order to experience the most pleasant holiday ever and where is that place where your family and kids will have lots of fun…

Golden Sands resort

Golden Sands resort in Bulgaria is one of the most charming and beautiful places you can ever meet along the Black Sea coast! It is really adorable and we would like tell you why you have to visit it this summer. We love all our readers and are willing the best for them when it comes to summer getaways and unforgettable holidays.

Well… Golden Sands resort is family-friendly, budget-friendly and perfect for recreation summer destination. It is popular in Europe mostly with its magnificent Natural Park that is hiding picturesque and impressing nature! Every keen on both the beauty and the relaxing atmosphere will fall in love with this place and will find the long-awaiting relaxation …

Just like the most summer resorts in Bulgaria, Golden Sands has incredible beach where you can enjoy the bright sun and the pleasant, sea breeze… Your kids will be also very happy while on holiday in this amazing resort, because there can be found numerous ways of entertainment that will make their stay varied and very cheerful!

The hotels and the restaurants in Golden Sands resort are amazing with its attractive deals and services. If you are looking for good prices, if you want to stay longer but for less, have in mind that Golden Sands is the right place for you to go… On a good price, you will be able to stay for a week, or even for more, while the delicious food offered in the establishments will simply charm you! We recommend you to try the Bulgarian cuisine or to visit some restaurant where to enjoy tasty sea delicacy!

The time you will spend in Golden Sands will provide you with the summer vacation of your dreams… Forget about the other European, sea resorts that are not only too expensive, but also not as beautiful as Golden Sands and visit the Golden Pearl of the Black Sea coast this year!

Rent a Car Burgas – Online Rental/Hire – Airport Burgas

Want to rent a car for one day or more? Need to reach a certain part of Bulgaria and you are looking for transfer? – Well, you are on the right place, because “Alexandrov rent a car” is the best company dealing with rendering of modern and well-maintained cars! It is famous with its great professionalism in the field of rent-a-car and will offer you the best solution depending on your specific needs.

At some point, each one of us needs to hire a car. Most often this happens when we are on a holiday in some foreign country and do not have a personal car, but want to explore more places in the area. So, car rental is the best way for you to travel comfortably, as well as not to conform to the buses time-table! Also with that, you will be able also to set out for the place you want to reach whenever you wish and to go back whenever you

Yes, to rent a car is a really great comfort and many people spare no funds to provide it when they are on way. But how many companies offer such services…? – Hundreds? – Thousands?

Well, the truth is that the choice of companies offering transport services in Bulgaria is really huge. But if you want really the best for you and your family, while you are on a vacation in Sunny Beach, Sozopol or Burgas area in Bulgaria, then just call “Alexandrov rent a car”! They have a long list of modern, comfortable and in perfect order cars and really will amaze you with their good services and professional touch… You can hardly find a company that can offer so attractive deals and discounts, as well as to dispose with so varied range of cars (you can see them by checking their web site)!

Except that you can hire a car for one day, for a week or more, you can also take advantage of the transfers that “Alexandrov car rental services” offers.

With that service, you can reach every point desired along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and to travel to different places inside of the whole country! We would like to point out that you can make a choice between cars, mini-van or minibus, with or without the professional drivers that will provide you safe and comfortable ride!

Rent a car is not only an additional convenience, but sometimes even a necessity… If you have kids and need to go somewhere, but do not having your personal car, the best way for you to avoid the unpleasant situations related to the public transport is by renting one, right?

We all know that is much easier to “load” your children in the car, instead to wait half an hour to come the bus… We can bet that your kids will not sit quietly until the bus arrives, right? J

So, save yourself all this stress and negative emotions and rent a car from one of the best (if not the best firm in Burgas aria) There are a lot of cheap prices and promotions starting from 25 per day, so you can enjoy pleasant trip and excellent conditions during your holiday in Sunny Beach or Nessebar. And in addition, you can also hire a car with child car seat that is universal and suitable for all kind of ages!

All cars in “Alexandrov car hire services” are well-maintained and have a modern vision. The company offers a variety of different models and depending to your personal preferences, you will be able to choose the car you like the most! There are available small and big options for a car, as well as such with manual transmissions or automatic. Even if you want, they will be able to rent a car according to your preferences for color… Very nice, hm?

So, as you can see, for yourself the company is highly developed in its field and offers very good quality on reasonable prices.

Another great and very attractive service that “Alexandrov rent a car” offers is to rent a car with personal driver. This is the best option for everyone who doesn’t have a driving license, or just do not want to drive during vacation (reasonable)!

But, for sure there are many other reasons why you should to take advantage of this amazing way for travel… For example, you can go somewhere and consume alcohol and we all know that to drive after that is extremely undesirable, right? Don’t take this risk and trust the professionals – they will not only take you to the place you want to reach, but will be very pleasant company during the trip too. And if we have to show a bit sense of humor, would say that to travel with personal driver is the best way for you to feel like a VIP! J

Well, “Alexandrov rent a car” is the best company in Burgas (airport) area when it comes down to rent-a-car. All the feedbacks regarding both the cars and the services that the company offers are very positive and everybody who, at least once, has used them will use them again. Be one of the happy clients of “Alexandrov rent a car” and trust their long experience and great professionalism!

To be on vacation is awesome! But to travel with nice car is simply amazing… In this way, you can fully enjoy the driving and to give yourself the comfort you need along the way. Do not make any compromises with the conveyance and choose the company that can give you the conveniences you are looking for. They will not disappoint you and even exactly the opposite – will surprise you not only with its attractive cheap prices, but with the variety of useful and present-day services.

We are sure that everybody who wants to travel deserves the best! And we know that you can get it by choosing a good company for car rental. When traveling with modern car and by paying a good cheap price, the pleasure of every travel is increased. It doesn’t matter why you are looking for a car to hire – in any cases (a short or long trip) the need of safe and comfortable solution remains.

So, stop looking for other companies and call “Alexandrov rent a car” – the best choice for every driver! The best solutions for you and your family in case you need reasonable price and good quality!

Visit today and book your rent a car!

Renew your NEXUS card easy and fast! See more here!

From time to time every single thing has to be renewed – your clothes, your shoes, your furnishings and even your hairstyle… The renewing of some of them can be delayed, but if your important documents are expired, then you must to renew them as soon as possible! If your passport, driver license or NEXUS card has expired, to apply for their renewing has to be your biggest priority… And you should not lose any time!

If you want to learn more about the NEXUS card renewal, continue reading!

To renew your personal documents after their date of experience is very close or even has already passed is a must, especially if you often travel abroad… An addition, we would like to note that if you cross the borders between the U.S. and Canada, the most important thing you have to own is a valid passport or NEXUS card. Probably, some of you know what the NEXUS system is and even are members of it, while others have no idea what is actually this. In both cases, you should know that every 5 years your NEXUS card has to renewed, so keep reading and what it is necessary for you to do that!

First of all, we want to point out that the NEXUS program is specially designed for all approved and low-risk travelers who wish to cross the borders faster… Being a NEXUS card holder, you will pass the customs check before the other passengers and independently of the way you are traveling – by air, by land or by sea! The NEXUS cards are valid for travelers from both the U.S. and Canada who cross the border between these two countries.

When you have already become members of the NEXUS program, the period you will be able to use your card is 5 years. After its experience you have to apply for renewing and together with that to follow several steps. Just as the initial application, the renewal procedure is very easy and you won’t meet any difficulties… Have also in mind, that if you need a family renewal, the process will be even easier!

The most important thing you have to know when applying for a NEXUS card renewing is the term. It is 180 days before the expired date of your card, as even if you have missed it, will be able to apply later. Keep in mind that in case you have already been a holder of NEXUS card, there is no need you to start from the beginning…

Renew your NEXUS card if it is expired and enjoy your trip – faster, more comfortable and unforgettable!

Enjoy the amazing Black Sea coast of Bulgaria this summer!

We love to tell you about beautiful destinations… We also love to guide you where to go and how to fully enjoy your holiday! We are dedicated to help you find YOUR place and to make you happy by giving you useful and proven tips! This is a mission – our mission…

Well, it is spring outside and the sun is shining. What do you need at this moment – to go on a holiday in the mountain or to go to the sea… – Or both of them?

The sea is always amazing but if you want to fully enjoy it, just organize your holiday in some beach resort during the summer season… This time of year will give you the chance to feel the sea in a way that the other seasons are not able to provide you with.

And if you still do not have nothing in mind when it comes to your next summer destination, trust to our advice and visit the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria – amazing, stunning and very charming! Visit Bulgaria Holidays – BH site to see good travel deals.

vlas Bulgaria

There you will find incredible, summer resorts where to get lost among abounding beauty and lots of remarkable sights! Nessebar and Sozopol are the two cities we are crazy about, because they are ancient, romantic and the pleasure we are feeling every time when on holiday there is just indescribably! We would like you to feel the incredible energy of these places too, so please, take several days and do not miss the chance to get inspired!

Another excellent opportunity for you to have a perfect holiday in Bulgaria is to visit the popular summer resort of Sunny Beach… It is a world-famous summer destination, so it is impossible you to do not know it! Sunny Beach is the most attractive and the biggest summer resort in the country, as well as is well-know with its incredible travel deals and… night life. Yes, the entertainments that can be found in this amazing sea resorts are numerous – not only after the sun goes down, but even during the day! Beach bars, water sports, and many attractions – that is what Sunny Beach offers to its guests and you will be simply impressed!

Bulgaria is hiding many other beautiful summer resorts that you can visit during the summer season. Be sure, that whenever you go will spend a fulfilling and different holiday… – And unforgettable too!

So do not hesitate and go to this lovely country this year – you won’t be disappointed!!

The city of Dubrovnik – the place we will never get tired to visit… See why!

If we can stay in a good hotel during our summer vacation, it will be really great! This is very important because if our hotel room is cozy and suitable for relaxation, we will be able to take a fulfilling rest after a long day of sightseeing… But is this actually the most significant factor for a good holiday? Isn’t most important we to go somewhere where to be surrounded by captivating nature and lots of beauty? – We think that even if we book a luxury hotel and spend lots of money of it, our holiday will not cost anything if we are not able to enjoy some really wonderful destination…

Croatia as an option for your next summer vacation is a perfect example that even if you stay in a tent, your holiday there will be just as memorable as if you stay in a palace! And since this amazing country is hiding too many lovely resorts to list them all, we are going to tell you which one in our opinion (and according to many independent rankings) the most beautiful and impressing is! Learn more about Holidays in Dubrovnik – Croatia by Balkan Holidays!

The city of Dubrovnik – the place we will never get tired to visit and the holiday destination that millions of people also never stop exploring! The town is popular with its antiquity and numerous breathtaking sights and as much as you stay there, your residence won’t be enough!

The list of landmarks you can see and enjoy in Dubrovnik is so long, that you will need more than one-week vacation in the town… But let’s say that it is impossible for you to stay long-time and need to get useful tips and proven advices on how you can use optimally your time in Dubrovnik.

The first you have to see after arriving in the city are the City Walls! This amazing sight of the town is really impressing with its size and unique location – the City Walls are surrounding the whole city and in the past they have served to protect Dubrovnik against attacks! Today, their purpose is very different and much more pleasant – to enjoy the millions of tourists and to remind them of the distant past… See the gorgeous Adriatic when visiting the City Walls – if you look it from above, it is so stunning and inspiring! Enjoy it!

Go to the old town of Dubrovnik, take a walk along the marble street and do not forget to take photos of the incredible, small houses and all the architectural landmarks. In the town they are many of them and if you are not impressed enough by the City Walls, then the Old Town of Dubrovnik will do that for sure!

Travel to Canada or the U.S. often? See how you can get faster!

Want to travel to Canada or the U.S but are not quite sure if there is a way for you to get faster? Have many doubts regarding the ways of transportation and would like to choose the best one? – That one that will allow you to arrive on time and without unnecessary waiting…

First of all, we would like to point out that we have asked ourselves the same but after all, we understood that it doesn’t matter the way we are moving! What we mean? – We mean that regardless of whether you are traveling by your car or have decided to catch the plane, on every border you must wait a long time until your turn for documents checking comes (i.e. the customs check)!

NEXUS card Canada

And what we can do in this situation? – Just to get a NEXUS card! It sounds quite simple and actually it is… Becoming a holder of this great card, you will stop asking yourself how to travel and how to get faster. You will be able to travel as you want (by air, by land and even by sea) and always will get your destination on time!

But is the NEXUS card valid for all countries? – Actually, you will have the chance to become a part of the NEXUS system only if you live in Canada or the U.S. – And have to be very happy about that… This incredible advantage (the NEXUS card) is available only for YOU as a as a citizen of some of these two countries! Take advantage of it and forget about the long lines, the endless waiting in front of the kiosks and about the crowds of people that can really make you nervous to the limit…

Be the first on the border when traveling by car and the last one who ever heard of waiting at the airports! Become a NEXUS card holder and travel with your family in the best way possible – fast, comfortable and easy!

The NEXUS system and the NEXUS cards work simply and there is no way for you to get flurried… By providing with special kiosks all the members of NEXUS (at nine airports), every traveler will be able to check-in fast and to cross the border first. And if you want to have more free time before your flight, as well as to pass the customs inspection before the others, then the NEXUS card is just for you and you have to get it for your next flight, travel by car or crossing the border with boat!

Do not miss the chance to ski this year and go to Borovets, Bulgaria!

Hey readers! Are you ready to learn if there is a still chance for you to experience a great winter holiday? Do you want to understand if it is possible every of us who is little bit late with its winter vacation to go somewhere for ski? – Although it is spring outside and although most people are already looking for summer destinations?

Do not worry – you have not missed your chance to experience something real and something snowy:)! Stay here and see that we are telling the truth…

The country of Bulgaria is the place that will welcome you in case you want to go to the mountain for having the perfect ski holiday with your family… – But where in Bulgaria? – Are there nice ski resorts where we can go in order to embark into an unforgettable snowy adventure?

Yes, in Bulgaria there are several amazing ski resorts and today we are going to pay attention to one of them – Borovets (learn more about ski Bulgaria borovets)! That is the first and the oldest ski resort in the country and as you may know there every skier will find excellent conditions for practicing of varied winter sports and for having a fulfilling relaxation as well…

Borovets as a ski destination is even preferred over some other ski resorts in Europe. – But why?

Well, the answer is simple. In Borovets you will find all that you need when it comes to family vacations, well-maintained ski runs, restaurants, night clubs and of course – hotels! And every of the holidaymakers who is looking for good travel deals, has to know that in the resorts there is a long list of them and every tourist surely will be amazed by the low prices but in the same time the exceptional good quality…

In Borovets there are different ski slopes, so that every skier to make a choose where to ski depending to the skills he has. So if you are first-timer or even have no idea how to ski, have to be calm because in Borovets there are ski runs for people just like you! And still, if you do not want to try skiing without the help of some professional or trainer, you can visit the awesome ski school that is founded for all beginners and children as well. Get informed and learn more about the ski school of Borovets by visiting Balkan Holidays Google Plus!

Do not miss the chance to ski this year and go to Borovets even tomorrow. Have also in mind that the resort welcomes “late” tourists till the mid-April, so hurry up and book a hotel as soon as possible!

Need an idea where to go this summer? Read this article!

Sun is shining, outside is warm and perfect for walks… What do you imagine while reading this? – Probably some beach resort or the cool forest? Where do you want to go during the summer season or even now when it is warm spring?

Whatever you say, we are sure that definitely you do not want to stay at home (as you did during the whole winter) and are wishing at least to spend more time out… But do not forget that now it is still spring and you are not able to go to the beach and to enjoy it as you do during the summer season!

However, the sunniest and hottest season of year is very, very close, so to find your summer destination that to visit in 2 months it is not superfluous but even recommending! But from where to start and how to find our “summer paradise” considering the thousands of travel deals that are flashing us from everywhere: Internet, advertisements, tourist agencies etc. You know for yourself that the choice is huge and sometimes to find the perfect place where to go this summer may take a long time! Have you got this time? – We are sure that you haven’t and would like help you with finding of the best summer destination!

Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria – the most attractive and most amazing summer resort we have ever seen… It is so impressing and gorgeous that most of the holidaymakers who have been there for a holiday, want to visit it again as soon as possible – more often in the next year! See these offers for sunny beach here!

The sea paradise in Bulgaria and the treasure of the Black Sea coast – that is Sunny Beach and even much more…

Every summer vacation in the resort is fulfilling, unforgettable and exciting! Sunny Beach is a perfect destination for any types of holidays: family, solo, for pensioners and youth! The prices are very flexible and for everyone there is something suitable – from the hotels to the restaurants and from the ways of fun to the ways of relaxation… You just have to know what are you are looking for and to get it! Believe us, in Sunny Beach there are endless opportunities for all holidaymakers who need both recreation and lots of fun! And all that you will find on reasonable prices…

Well, since Sunny Beach resort is the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria, respectively the hotel base is the biggest in comparison to the other sea resorts too. And if you are wondering if there is a suitable hotel for you and your family, just stop wondering and be sure that there is! Sunny Beach is the perfect resort for family vacations (as we already said) and to find such a hotel that to meets your “family” needs is very easy task… In the resort there is huge variety of cozy hotels (some of them are bigger, while others are smaller and quieter) and depending to your budget you will orientate which one to choose!

Sunny Beach has a big priority over the other summer resorts in Bulgaria – the nightlife… It is so famous among the European tourist (and not only) that many of them visit the resort just for having fun after the sun goes down… And if you also love the night entertainments, as well as are „ night owl“, then you will fall in love with Sunny Beach for sure!! See more about this amazing resort by visiting Balkan Holidays Twitter!

Well, it will be great if you spend your summer vacation in Sunny Beach resort… Probably a one-week stay there will be one of the most exciting experiences that you ever had and the only way to understand is just to go there!



Cleaning may be a mess, if you do not use end of tenancy cleaning company.

It is time to move out of your lodging and together with that to clean it to shine… But is the cleaning the most important thing you have to do when leaving your apartment? Surely, you should pack up as well as to do so many other things related to your moving that hardly the cleaning of your lodging is in the limelight…

Every end of tenancy is related to lots of stress and pressure, due to different reasons: household moving, preparing of your new home, last lease clarifications etc. And if you have to stripe the house of all its furnishings, will you have a time to clean it in details? – Well, probably the cleaning is the least of your worries, but you have no choice… You have to give your lodging to the landlord in a good condition, clean and ready for use by the new tenants!

What to do in this situation? How to organize our moving so as to find some time for cleaning?

Actually, you do not have to clean your lodging by yourself… You can do this with the help of a cleaning company that will clean whatever you want before you leave! The home services that the professional firms offer are excellent way for you to avoid the unpleasant cleaning when moving that usually should be from the top to the bottom… And if you really want to get it over with this as soon as possible, call some cleaning company and forget about the boring cleaning that may last several hours and even days!

What can clean the cleaning company?

Every professional firm that is dealing with home services and cleaning of homes can perform any services related to the cleanliness of your house or apartment. They have special equipment, professional cleaning products and techniques with which will make every home clean as never before. And if you want to see perfect results, as well as to get your deposit back in full, then to hire a cleaning company is the best option for you when moving of someone’s property!

By the way, you can find very good end of tenancy cleaning company in London that will clean your apartment for you on a good price and in the best way possible! That company is called “Cleaning Day” and is one of our favorite ones – every time when we need some cleaning services, call them and just forget about the boring and exhausting cleaning…

When you have to move out, everything in the apartment needs to be cleaned. If there have lived a few people (family of 4 or 5), you know for yourself that due to the usual human activity, all the premises become dirty and from time to time they need a scrub-up! And when we have to say goodbye to the place we are living, the need of a cleaning in details even grows…

Save your time and concentrate on the more important activities when you move from one home to another and hire a cleaning company! – And why not “Cleaning Day” London?



Enjoy the romance in Nessebar, Bulgaria!

We love the summer! We love it because the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the beach is waiting for us! The beach… Our favorite place when outside is hot and when we are looking for coolness! The beach is also the place where we can have fun, where we can experience an exciting disco night and where we can even meet new friends. Yes, this so ordinary at first look place is actually a whole world where you can spend a really long time… And why not!

Since the beach is the first thing that comes to your mind when the summer nears, it is completely normal you to want to visit some amazing sea resort where to spend an excellent vacation with your family. We want it too! And know very well where to go… Do you want to share with you where one of the best summer resorts in Europe is and where we attend to go this summer?

Of course, you do and we know it without telling us! Just keep reading and save your thanks for later :).

Well, in our opinion one of the most amazing summer destinations in Europe is Nessebar (Nessebar Beach is also awesome)… But do not think that Nessebar is the typical summer resort. And it is not even a resort… No, it is more than that! There you will find not only gorgeous beach and nice hotels, but a long list of breathtaking, historical sights, old houses and museums too… And ancient churches! All that makes Nessebar for being unreal beautiful, strikingly romantic but in the same time so simple… And exactly this simplicity gives the city of Nessebar that energy and atmosphere attracting millions of people every year – not only during the summer, but during the whole year!

If you want to touch the beauty of Nessebar, if you want to experience the most romantic vacation ever and to make someone who you love happy, then what are you waiting for? Just book a hotel in Nessebar and let this amazing place fascinate you – with its endless romance and with the magical energy that is everywhere! Go ahead and do not hesitate at all – we do not know a holidaymaker who has been in this town and who doesn’t love it…

As we already said, Nessebar is not only beach and hotels; it is a place where you can enjoy interesting culture, ancient buildings, lots of well-preserved ruins and an ocean of romance! And if you like such holidays, then go to the old town of Nessebar, spend there a week and go back home not only with bronze tan, but with many pleasant memories too. And why not with new love :).

The amazing city of Nessebar is on the top of the list of holidaymakers from all over the world… We are not wondered at all, because we also are one of the huge fans of Nessebar and always will. To go on a holiday during the summer season in Nessebar won’t be only a pleasant stay on the beach; it will be a real cultural and romantic adventure that you always will remember. And every summer you will want to go back to this wonderful city again for more summer emotions and romance…

Well, definitely after all we said, we want to pack up and to visit the city even before the summer has come! But is it possible to experience the same unforgettable vacation now? Do we have the chance to organize our holiday in Nessebar earlier? – Yes, we can! And if you are very impatience (just like us), as well as can’t wait the summer – book your hotel now and enjoy the spring in Nessebar. As we like to say: for two lovers, it doesn’t matter what the season outside is when they want to spend a lovely time in private…  And in Nessebar ;). Enjoy!