Ski vacations in Bulgaria – what to expect?

There are three main reasons why you should go for ski this winter. The first one is to sport, of course. Everybody knows the benefits of every sport (health, tonicity and mood improvement) and what a feeling it brings to us. That’s why we all have to decide what an activity we like the most in order to start diversifying our everyday life in the best way possible! The second reason why it is good […]

The mountains of Bulgaria – the perfect place for every vacation!

Most of the holidaymakers think that their summer vacations can be perfect only if they are organized at the sea… They do not think that the mountain is a suitable place for vacations during the summer season and this is a huge mistake! In fact, the mountain resorts are not only suitable for skiing but for summer getaways as well. There you can relax among the Mother Nature, as well as to practice varied sports […]

Go to Bulgaria and get inspired!

Once upon a time a girl who loved to travel… She also adored exploring new places and worlds, as the exciting adventures were her lifestyle! She was ready for everything just to see as many wonderful destinations as possible. For that reason, she was all the time reading varied tourist information – to be up-to-date regarding the newest tourist news and the travel deals as well. She had the luck to find the same blog […]