Do not be afraid of the carpet stains anymore – they can be removed very easy!

How often we should clean our carpets? – Once a year, or maybe every single month? How do you think – is there any chance to skip this boring part of the home cleaning, or this is mandatory and does not stand delay? If we have to list all the reasons why you should clean your carpet as often as possible, we will dedicate lots of time for this and probably you will feel bored […]

Go to Bulgaria and get inspired!

Once upon a time a girl who loved to travel… She also adored exploring new places and worlds, as the exciting adventures were her lifestyle! She was ready for everything just to see as many wonderful destinations as possible. For that reason, she was all the time reading varied tourist information – to be up-to-date regarding the newest tourist news and the travel deals as well. She had the luck to find the same blog […]