NEXUS card – Canadian program, that saves time!

To travel well is a matter of organization. – Or not? And there is another factor that influences the quality of our movement from point A to point B? How do you think, are there some more important conditions that determine how we will travel and in general how we will spend the time when crossing the borders? If you think that the only factor that is important when traveling is the way we are […]

How about the NEXUS program? See all about it here!

Hello to all our readers who love to learn interesting facts related to travels, ways of movement, exciting trips and so on. We are here for you and want to show you that you can travel much more pleasant than you have ever thought… If you often read our publications and together with that you like them because are interesting for you, today you will be more than happy of what you will read! We […]

Go to Bulgaria and get inspired!

Once upon a time a girl who loved to travel… She also adored exploring new places and worlds, as the exciting adventures were her lifestyle! She was ready for everything just to see as many wonderful destinations as possible. For that reason, she was all the time reading varied tourist information – to be up-to-date regarding the newest tourist news and the travel deals as well. She had the luck to find the same blog […]