Everybody loves Croatia – see why ?

Summer season is the most expected time of year. Everybody loves it and when the winter is done, all of us start looking for suitable place where to go for unforgettable holiday at sea… When outside is summer, the opportunities for different outdoor activities are varied and allowing you to have a pleasant time under the shining sun! Together with that, your mood is improved and you have more energy for anything… You agree with us, right? We can also add something very important … when you decide to go to Croatia, you can check out our cleaning category for carpet, oven, end of tenancy topics, why? – because you can hire some cleaning help for your home, while you are away… Kind of make sense right? croatia-zagreb-hitit

The best thing of the summer season is that you can choose between hundreds of summer destinations and surely you will find the perfect place for you to go…

But together with the huge list of destinations, at some point, it is quite possible all these travel offers to make you feel really confused. And by clicking on each of them, you will become more and more embarrassed what holiday destination to choose.

And here we come – to save you all that wasted time and all the doubts regarding the choice of suitable resort that to visit this summer!

Most frequently we talk about holiday destinations and resorts that are located on the Balkan Peninsula. We think that this area is hiding really amazing spots and many cheap places that will amaze you not only with its low prices but with the incredible conditions for having of full value summer vacation too!

Today is the day to tell you more about the country of Croatia… This is one our favorite topics and we love to write about this land just because it is truly amazing and to our opinion is the perfect destination for summer breaks!

Croatia is famous with its richness of beautiful cities, historical sights and great beaches. There can be found many breathtaking places and many dramatic types of sceneries. And if you looking for romantic destination where to take your beloved one, be sure that Croatia is more than perfect and you definitely will fall in love with this land (and with your half even more)…Croatia-Flights-1-hitit.co.uk

Resorts in Croatia are many and each of them has its own beauty. But the most common thing between them is that all they carry the spirit of the past and you can feel it even upon your arrival! All the ruins, historical landmarks, old churches and castles give Croatia a special energy and hardly there is someone who can stand the incredible atmosphere of this magic place…

If you are keen on journeys and travel really often, probably you have noticed that every travel agency offers holidays and round trips to Croatia. And what you notice every time when you read some tourist offer? Have you ever noticed that in almost every of them the city of Dubrovnik is included? If the answer is yes, but you still didn’t visit this destination and are wondering why Dubrovnik is everywhere, keep reading our article and will understand…

This amazing town is among the top visited places when it comes to holidays in Croatia. It is an integral part of every trip to this land and if you see some pictures on the Internet of Dubrovnik, will get an idea what a fairy place the city is…

For the fans of the history, this town is the perfect place for summer holiday and the most suitable destination for practicing of cultural tourism. There everyone can learn lots about the distant past and to experience relaxing vacation as well. And if you looking for budget-friendly deals, as well as want to combine entertainment with relaxation, Dubrovnik has to be on the top of your list!

The old town is the most attractive point of Dubrovnik due to the presence of varied sights and the abounding beauty you can see. The first place you should visit during your stay in the town is the city walls that surround Dubrovnik and reveal magnificent sea views… While walking along the fortified walls of the town, literally you will feel the spirit of the distant past – this place has unique atmosphere and you have to enjoy it!

The city walls in Dubrovnik are wonderful place that is allowing you to watch the Adriatic from above… Bring your camera and take lots of photos – this picture has to be “sealed”!

In the down town of Dubrovnik there are many old and beautiful buildings that are preserved till today. They are renovated and adorn the town with its impressing, architectural style – for a moment you will even want to live in some of them!

Another beautiful place for you to visit in Croatia is the incredible city of Pula! It is also much visited place in the country and if you have the chance to go there – do not miss it. This amazing town is located in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula and is famous with its ancient Roman buildings.

Pula has long tradition in the production of wine, as well as it is also called the city of the fishing… The town is highly developed tourist destination due to the long list of Roman buildings, old churches and the many other amazing sights you will find there. Most famous landmark in Pula is the incredible amphitheater (called also Arena) that is one of the biggest in the world – there are conducted many film festivals, concerts and shows and if you’re lucky to enjoy some of them, it will be really great!

As we already said, Croatia has lots to offer and it is hiding hundreds of breathtaking places… It is favorite destination for many people and if you visit Croatia someday, it will become a favorite destination for you too! Try something different and explore the world starting from Croatia… Enjoy the abounding beauty of this land and take someone who you love with you to enjoy together this incredible land. And if you still have some doubts regarding Croatia, check on the Internet and read more about this wonderful place.

And finally we would like to say that we are always there for you, so if have questions or need more guidelines before to hit the road, just write us and we will help you with the greatest pleasure!