The mountains of Bulgaria – the perfect place for every vacation!

Most of the holidaymakers think that their summer vacations can be perfect only if they are organized at the sea… They do not think that the mountain is a suitable place for vacations during the summer season and this is a huge mistake!

In fact, the mountain resorts are not only suitable for skiing but for summer getaways as well. There you can relax among the Mother Nature, as well as to practice varied sports surrounded by plenty of greenery: climbing, hiking, cave tourism etc. So, do not think that the only way for you to forget about the problems is to go to the beach and after the sun goes down to visit some famous night club… Yes, we admit that this sounds really good, but to spend your yearly family vacation in the mountain is more wonderful than you can even imagine. Especially if you are in some of the amazing mountain resort of Bulgaria!

The country of Bulgaria is a popular sea destination. There are many incredible beach resorts that thousands of people visit every summer. Everything in this land is cheap and meets the European quality standards… That is the reason why tourists from all over the world do not want to visit another country but Bulgaria and why this land is their favorite place for holidays throughout the year…

In Europe, there are few places like Bulgaria. This country is budget-friendly, very beautiful and very picturesque. You surely have to see its mountains and why not to even spend your one-week vacation there. In case you love skiing, but the Alps are too expensive for you to afford it, Bulgaria is the best decision in such situation, or with other words – for winter holidays!

Be informed that the biggest and most visited Bulgarian mountain resorts (both during the winter and summer season) are Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo. Whichever you choose to visit, will spend an excellent vacation among the nature. You will also have the chance to see remarkable buildings and sights, as well as will be able to touch the Bulgarian traditions and customs by visiting some of the traditional restaurants in these amazing resorts!

Try the Bulgarian cuisine – is it tasty and a real pleasure for all your senses. In addition, the traditional Bulgarian drinks are also interesting for tasting, so do not hesitate to order some of them! Try to taste the most famous national meals of Bulgaria and to feel the atmosphere in the folklore restaurants too. The music and the locals will make you feel like home, so just relax and open your senses!