Renew your NEXUS card easy and fast! See more here!

From time to time every single thing has to be renewed – your clothes, your shoes, your furnishings and even your hairstyle… The renewing of some of them can be delayed, but if your important documents are expired, then you must to renew them as soon as possible! If your passport, driver license or NEXUS card has expired, to apply for their renewing has to be your biggest priority… And you should not lose any time!

If you want to learn more about the NEXUS card renewal, continue reading!

To renew your personal documents after their date of experience is very close or even has already passed is a must, especially if you often travel abroad… An addition, we would like to note that if you cross the borders between the U.S. and Canada, the most important thing you have to own is a valid passport or NEXUS card. Probably, some of you know what the NEXUS system is and even are members of it, while others have no idea what is actually this. In both cases, you should know that every 5 years your NEXUS card has to renewed, so keep reading and what it is necessary for you to do that!

First of all, we want to point out that the NEXUS program is specially designed for all approved and low-risk travelers who wish to cross the borders faster… Being a NEXUS card holder, you will pass the customs check before the other passengers and independently of the way you are traveling – by air, by land or by sea! The NEXUS cards are valid for travelers from both the U.S. and Canada who cross the border between these two countries.

When you have already become members of the NEXUS program, the period you will be able to use your card is 5 years. After its experience you have to apply for renewing and together with that to follow several steps. Just as the initial application, the renewal procedure is very easy and you won’t meet any difficulties… Have also in mind, that if you need a family renewal, the process will be even easier!

The most important thing you have to know when applying for a NEXUS card renewing is the term. It is 180 days before the expired date of your card, as even if you have missed it, will be able to apply later. Keep in mind that in case you have already been a holder of NEXUS card, there is no need you to start from the beginning…

Renew your NEXUS card if it is expired and enjoy your trip – faster, more comfortable and unforgettable!