Croatia – the sea paradise… Learn more!

If you have to make a raking of the top summer destinations in Europe, what would it be? Which places you like most when it comes to sea tourism and summer entertainments? – Bulgaria, Greek, Spain, Turkey or probably Croatia… Where you want to go this summer and how you wish to spend your family vacation? – Filled with many exciting emotions of which you will raise your adrenaline or in such a way so that when you leave to be relaxed and even pre-rested?

Well, we all have different visions as regards to summer holidays and ways of relaxation… Some of us imagine their holiday on an exotic island, while others are looking for cheaper and more unpretentious place.

But if there is a destination that to allows you to experience both excitements and peaceful moments, it will be just perfect! – And we know such a place… It is not far at all and it is not exotic. But is striking beautiful and you should go there this summer!

The country of Croatia – this is the right destination for you to go in case you are keen on romance, history, culture and amazing sights (with this holiday to Croatia you will understand that the world is really amazing).

The country is a real paradise for everyone who is looking for recreation, but in the same time would like to experience exciting, night emotions and varied beach entertainments. This is a place that millions of holiday lovers visit every year and do not even think to go somewhere else! And today we are going to tell you why…

Croatia is very, very beautiful land. There is a long list of amazing resorts, historical places and lovely cities that just can take your breath away with its incredible energy and powerful atmosphere!

For example, the city of Dubrovnik is the perfect proof that Croatia is hiding simply incredible places and that the country is rich in interesting history and impressing, cultural heritage. This wonderful town is one of the most visited spots in the country, as well is included in the program of every tourist offer for Croatia. And we are sure that you know Dubrovnik from the Internet, from the TV or from some showcase of a travel agency… It is so beautiful, that there is no way you to just skip it!

The Plitvice lakes is that place in Croatia where you can be in a close contact with the nature. This adorable Park is so fairy and enchanting that even the most unemotional tourist will melt by the amazing views that this place is hiding! And if you love waterfalls, turquoise lakes, forests and fresh air, the visit of the Plitvice lakes will give you a real pleasure. Enjoy!

Zagreb… This is the capital of Croatia that is also very beautiful place for you to spend an unforgettable and pleasant stay during the summer season. This city is really remarkable with its gorgeous buildings and impressing atmosphere. There you can have diversified and memorable stay with your family, as well as to fully enjoy the best time of year – the summer! And if you love shopping or to visit cozy cafes, be informed that in Zagreb there are many of both of them, so your day will be interesting and filled with numerous pleasant emotions…

Finally, we would like to point out that Croatia is hiding many other astonishing places that worth be seen. This country is ranked not for nothing as one of the most attractive destinations for summer holidays… Since so many people visit Croatia, it means that there is a reason – see more about this land and visit Balkan Holidays in Google +.

And if you are curious to see with your own eyes this lovely land, just do it and do not hesitate at all! Do it even this summer and stop looking for another places – Croatia is the best option for you to experience the holiday of your dreams!

Enjoy this video about Croatia:

Everybody loves Croatia – see why ?

Summer season is the most expected time of year. Everybody loves it and when the winter is done, all of us start looking for suitable place where to go for unforgettable holiday at sea… When outside is summer, the opportunities for different outdoor activities are varied and allowing you to have a pleasant time under the shining sun! Together with that, your mood is improved and you have more energy for anything… You agree with us, right? We can also add something very important … when you decide to go to Croatia, you can check out our cleaning category for carpet, oven, end of tenancy topics, why? – because you can hire some cleaning help for your home, while you are away… Kind of make sense right? croatia-zagreb-hitit

The best thing of the summer season is that you can choose between hundreds of summer destinations and surely you will find the perfect place for you to go…

But together with the huge list of destinations, at some point, it is quite possible all these travel offers to make you feel really confused. And by clicking on each of them, you will become more and more embarrassed what holiday destination to choose.

And here we come – to save you all that wasted time and all the doubts regarding the choice of suitable resort that to visit this summer!

Most frequently we talk about holiday destinations and resorts that are located on the Balkan Peninsula. We think that this area is hiding really amazing spots and many cheap places that will amaze you not only with its low prices but with the incredible conditions for having of full value summer vacation too!

Today is the day to tell you more about the country of Croatia… This is one our favorite topics and we love to write about this land just because it is truly amazing and to our opinion is the perfect destination for summer breaks!

Croatia is famous with its richness of beautiful cities, historical sights and great beaches. There can be found many breathtaking places and many dramatic types of sceneries. And if you looking for romantic destination where to take your beloved one, be sure that Croatia is more than perfect and you definitely will fall in love with this land (and with your half even more)…

Resorts in Croatia are many and each of them has its own beauty. But the most common thing between them is that all they carry the spirit of the past and you can feel it even upon your arrival! All the ruins, historical landmarks, old churches and castles give Croatia a special energy and hardly there is someone who can stand the incredible atmosphere of this magic place…

If you are keen on journeys and travel really often, probably you have noticed that every travel agency offers holidays and round trips to Croatia. And what you notice every time when you read some tourist offer? Have you ever noticed that in almost every of them the city of Dubrovnik is included? If the answer is yes, but you still didn’t visit this destination and are wondering why Dubrovnik is everywhere, keep reading our article and will understand…

This amazing town is among the top visited places when it comes to holidays in Croatia. It is an integral part of every trip to this land and if you see some pictures on the Internet of Dubrovnik, will get an idea what a fairy place the city is…

For the fans of the history, this town is the perfect place for summer holiday and the most suitable destination for practicing of cultural tourism. There everyone can learn lots about the distant past and to experience relaxing vacation as well. And if you looking for budget-friendly deals, as well as want to combine entertainment with relaxation, Dubrovnik has to be on the top of your list!

The old town is the most attractive point of Dubrovnik due to the presence of varied sights and the abounding beauty you can see. The first place you should visit during your stay in the town is the city walls that surround Dubrovnik and reveal magnificent sea views… While walking along the fortified walls of the town, literally you will feel the spirit of the distant past – this place has unique atmosphere and you have to enjoy it!

The city walls in Dubrovnik are wonderful place that is allowing you to watch the Adriatic from above… Bring your camera and take lots of photos – this picture has to be “sealed”!

In the down town of Dubrovnik there are many old and beautiful buildings that are preserved till today. They are renovated and adorn the town with its impressing, architectural style – for a moment you will even want to live in some of them!

Another beautiful place for you to visit in Croatia is the incredible city of Pula! It is also much visited place in the country and if you have the chance to go there – do not miss it. This amazing town is located in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula and is famous with its ancient Roman buildings.

Pula has long tradition in the production of wine, as well as it is also called the city of the fishing… The town is highly developed tourist destination due to the long list of Roman buildings, old churches and the many other amazing sights you will find there. Most famous landmark in Pula is the incredible amphitheater (called also Arena) that is one of the biggest in the world – there are conducted many film festivals, concerts and shows and if you’re lucky to enjoy some of them, it will be really great!

As we already said, Croatia has lots to offer and it is hiding hundreds of breathtaking places… It is favorite destination for many people and if you visit Croatia someday, it will become a favorite destination for you too! Try something different and explore the world starting from Croatia… Enjoy the abounding beauty of this land and take someone who you love with you to enjoy together this incredible land. And if you still have some doubts regarding Croatia, check on the Internet and read more about this wonderful place.

And finally we would like to say that we are always there for you, so if have questions or need more guidelines before to hit the road, just write us and we will help you with the greatest pleasure!

Sick of Cleaning non – stop ? – Well, see this article.

Every day we have to clean our homes… Are you sick and tired of doing this? Do you need more free time for yourself and your family? Do you dream of relaxation after the long, working day? Many questions, right? But we all would like our homes to become cleaner by itself – but if it is possible? – Of course not, except if you have some magical abilities and only by one swing of your finger, your home to turn into completely clean place! It would be really awesome if you were able to do this, right 🙂 ?
In the reality, we don’t have any magical abilities and the only way to make our homes cleaner is to take the rag and to start cleaning carpets, windows, floors, clothes washing, dust, oven cleaning etc – all of this you can use in end of tenancy . And we are sure that even only by reading these rows, you are feeling tired and even depressed… That is normal, because hardly there is someone who loves to clean or to polish the
Most people clean their homes once a week, but if you have kids, pets, as well as family of 5, you must to clean even every day. And that is really exhausting!
As we think that it is very important to take more time for our loved ones and not to be slaves to our homes, we always recommend our readers to hire a professional, cleaning company that can make your home clean and to save you lots of time!
In this moment, you will probably say that this is too expensive and it is even not necessary considering the big expenses you have every month… And yes, we are half-inclined to agree with you, but if you think in depth, will realize that the money you spend for different preparations or cleaning appliances have also great value. And not only you spare out of your income for this, but you have not also any free time…
So, call some cleaning company and trust them – they will surprise you with its professionalism and way of work. They know exactly how to do its job and how make your home like new!
It is not a problem for us to remove the dust from our cabinets and shelves, or to wash the dirty clothes. But when it comes carpet’s cleaning, things become more difficult for all of us!
It is not about the vacuum cleaning, it’s about the deeper cleaning of your carpet… It is also not enough just to remove the junk on its surface – from time to time you should wash it and refresh it.
Though, before to start washing our carpet, you have to think about its drying… If you live in a house, you can dry your carpet in the yard (if available), but still you have to take into account the weather conditions – if it is raining, your carpet not only won’t become dry, but even will become more dirty that before(And you don’t want that, right?)!
Another way to wash your carpet is to bring it to some car wash where, yes, the staff will wash it but you will be forced to wait until it is fully dry – this can take several days, especially if outside it is not hot summer or spring!
And after the whole reasoning regarding the carpet’s washing, we come again to the professional, cleaning companies… They are the perfect option in this case and we are going to explain you why…
Well, did you know that every carpet is made by different materials and together with that you have to use different cleaning compound? And are you informed that if you use the wrong detergent, the chance to damage your carpet is huge?
Probably, you didn’t pay attention which cleaning compound you are using, or if it can be harmful for your carpet… Anyway, most people are doing so, unless the carpet is very expensive and requires a chemical
In order to keep your carpet in good condition as long as possible, as well to extend its life, trust the professionals and do not waste your time anymore!
The cleaning company will come to your home and will clean not only your carpet, but everything you need as well. Thus, you will have more free time, as well as will be able to do things that you have already forgotten that they exist – your favorite hobby, SPA procedures, meeting with friends or just relaxing on the couch with a couple of coffee!
The biggest advantage of the professional cleaning is that when you come back home after a busy day at the office, instead a cleaning, you will deal with many other more pleasant activities: a dinner with your family, enjoying an interesting movie, reading a book etc.

Of course, every convenience has to be paid… And some of us are ready to spend some money in the name of the relaxation, while others aren’t. Of which type of people are you? What are your priorities and are you ready finally to give yourself what you deserve?
Everybody deserves to be rested and happy. And if for someone the happiness is measured in more free time and less cleaning, then go ahead and don’t be miser.
The cleaning services and the carpet’s washing do not cost millions, so do not hesitate at all and give yourself this huge pleasure – every housewife knows how difficult is the home’s cleaning and how much time it takes. So, dear gentlemen, if you are reading these rows and would like to make happy your wife, just surprise her by hiring a professional, cleaning company and bring her to some good restaurant instead to watch her how she is cleaning till one drops!
We are sure that if every household uses the services of such companies, all members of the family will have more time for each other…
So, if you attend to take advantage in this amazing convenience, call the first cleaning company you see on the Internet and make your home like new!
We are expecting your feedbacks and comments!

Bulgaria Holidays – Part one! Overview….

Most of us have already started looking for its next summer destination, because the summer season starts only after 3 months and as earlier you get the best travel deal the better! But here comes the question “Where is the perfect summer resort for my family?”. Well, honestly, in Europe there are hundreds of great destinations where you can spend your summer vacation really good and unforgettable, but when it comes to budget-friendly deals, the choice becomes smaller…  Such a destination where you can have of full value vacation and in the same time for less is the gorgeous country of Bulgaria that is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is one of the most visited countries in Europe both during the summer and winter season!

It is a land of roses, has a wonderful nature, great resorts (winter and summer), many fairy villages where you can go for practicing of rural tourism and incredible opportunities for having fun!

In Bulgaria you can enjoy both the amazing Black Sea and the captivating mountains that will welcome you with its picturesque and breathtaking energy… The plenty of beauty you will find in Bulgaria is a good reason why you should to hit the road to this lovely land.

Except the amazing beauty that Bulgaria is hiding, there you can enjoy many varied resorts suitable for your summer or winter vacation. And since we are waiting for the summer with great anticipation (just like you), today we would like to pay attention to the sea destinations of Bulgaria and to guide you how to reach them, how to make a choice and what to expect when you arrive on site…Bulgaria-nature-Nature_Balkan_Pliana

Well, the huge benefit of Bulgaria as a holiday destination is its diversity of different summer resorts. There are bigger resorts, smaller resorts, such that are quieter than others or more attractive in relation to the night, summer life and the opportunities for entertainments. And if you are traveling with your family and kids (traveling parents), need a relaxing holiday and are willing to find the best place for your beloved ones, Bulgaria can offer you all that you need!

Some of us are solo travelers and that is ok. To travel solo is also very good way for you to see the world and to explore it… But most of people who wish to try this kind of travel are afraid that they will be bored if they are on holiday alone. This is wrong and we can prove it by recommending you to visit one of the most attractive, one of the hottest and one of the most desired summer resorts in Europe – Sunny Beach!

We are sure that you know this place, probably you have been there before or some of your friends have told you what an amazing resort is Sunny Beach? Whatever it is, know just one thing – this unique resort is the hottest point in Bulgaria and will impress you with its abounding possibilities for having fun and the great choice of hotels and establishments!

It is very popular as the place that never sleeps and that is always there for you – 24 hours a day…

Love the beach? – Well, in Sunny Beach there is a great beach life and except the excellent conditions for sunbathing, you can also enjoy a long list of water entertainments and attractive sports. Together with that, you can have lots of fun by visiting the beach bar near you where you will spend great time while listening to modern music and while drinking some tasty cocktail!

Sunny Beach resort is a summer resort number one when it comes down to hotels and restaurants. There are so many varied hotels, that you can get lost among the abundance of accommodations! And yes, the task to make a choice where to stay may be really difficult considering all the richness of good hotels, but in the same time this is giving you the freedom to make the best decision depending to your financial possibilities…

If you have a tinny budget, or would like to stay for longer, in Sunny Beach there are many accommodations where you can even save some money – in this way you will be able also to extend your summer holiday (if you wish).

All the hotels in the resort are perfectly designed for families by providing them very good conditions for having relaxation and lots of fun! From the cozy rooms and good food to the perfect conditions for entertainment, the hotels in Sunny Beach offer a quality services at an affordable price.

As for the establishments in this amazing, summer resort, have in mind that just like the hotels, they are very varied and good too. And by walking along the main street of Sunny Beach, you will note that literally on every corner there is a good restaurant or café where you can take a rest after your dynamic day on the beach, or where to start your night adventure…

Our advice to you is to visit some of the traditional, Bulgarian restaurants where you can feel the spirit of this country and where you can try the national cuisine of Bulgaria. Most of these restaurants are furnished in folklore, Bulgarian style and will amaze you with its coziness and incredible atmosphere! Except this, you will enjoy many, unique dishes and great customer services.

Night life in Sunny Beach is just proverbial… The resort is very popular destination among the young holidaymakers and the locals who are visiting Sunny Beach for having lots of fun during the summer season. The diversity of night clubs, bars and discos make the resort for being the most attractive place in Bulgaria when it comes to night entertainments and modern music. Have also in mind that you can enjoy cheap and quality alcohol, but nevertheless, do not overdo with the drinking and be moderate!

Sunny Beach resort is cheap and very attractive, summer destination that can impress even the most fastidious holidaymaker… And if you really want to spend dynamic and exciting vacation at sea, book your holiday now and get the great travel deals that all the hotels in Sunny Beach offer till the end of March!