Ski vacations in Bulgaria – what to expect?

There are three main reasons why you should go for ski this winter. The first one is to sport, of course. Everybody knows the benefits of every sport (health, tonicity and mood improvement) and what a feeling it brings to us. That’s why we all have to decide what an activity we like the most in order to start diversifying our everyday life in the best way possible!

The second reason why it is good for us to ski is the fresh air. High in the mountain, we have the chance to enjoy clean and natural environment away from the busy city life. From time to time we all need such a change!

The last undeniable fact that skiing is great a possibility for having lots of fun. To have fun out of the heart is very, very important and we have to do it as often as possible! But taking into account that all the time we have some tasks to think about, it is hard to smile for most of the day. – But you must try!


If you go for ski in some picturesque and beautiful land, you may spend the best winter vacation ever. In view of this, you have to choose the right destination and to plan your family or solo ski holiday. How to make the best choice and how to properly organize your trip is sometimes very difficult but quite possible. If you trust the specialists!

Go to Pamporovo, Bulgaria… We always recommend this place, because it is stunning, attractive and much-visited by the ski fans that are looking for recreation, fun and amazing adventures in the mountain. Pamporovo is perfect for ski vacations and every year it welcomes thousands of holidaymakers who love the snow, the nature and the low prices… Yes, the ski resort of Pamporovo offers great value for money, a long list of nice hotels and many opportunities for having fun!

Learn more about bulgaria ski Pamporovo.

Located in the picturesque and fabulous Rhodope Mountains, the resort is an attractive point for people who need to take a break from the tense daily round, who want to see many Natural miracles and who would like to ski, of course. Pamporovo is suitable not only for ski but for many other interesting activities like: hiking, rock climbing, cave tourism, eco-tourism etc. But let’s pay attention now to the ski season in Pamporovo and in particular to the opportunities for ski that this place will give us.

Starting with the ski base, we want to point out that the ski resort of Pamporovo has over 10 excellent ski-slopes where you can show your ski skills and potential as well. If you think you’re not ready to ski alone and without the help of a coach, go to the ski school available in the resort and just learn to ski!

To ski in Bulgaria is like a dream come true and you will never forget your stay there… Just be sure that this land will make you feel like never before and you will want to book your next holiday there as soon as you get home! Although you will be rested after your vacation in Bulgaria, you will start dreaming about the next one. – When you will go there once again for having another portion of pleasant emotions and lots of fun!

Except in Pamporovo, where else we can go for a Ski holidays in Bulgaria? Where are the most stunning and impressing places that will make us forget about the problems we have? Why it is so hard to decide where to spend our yearly vacation during the winter season, considering the small territory of Bulgaria? – Isn’t easy to plan a holiday in a small land, or actually this does not matter…?

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In Bulgaria you can find so many amazing places, resorts and cities, that to visit just one spot is unthinkable! Try to plan your holiday to this country so that to have more time to visit all the incredible places (or at least a small percentage of them). A two-week vacation will be perfect. Even that this is too long holiday for most of us, do your best to take more time for your holiday in Bulgaria. This land deserves your attention and presence more than 2-3 days, so just go there and stay as much as possible!

Bansko and Borovets are the other bigger ski resorts where you and your family will have both an amazing ski vacation and a fulfilling relaxation. These two places are just as beautiful and attractive like Pamporovo, so no doubt you won’t be disappointed! There also are very good ski slopes for you to have fun and a long list of accommodations and restaurants too. You can get family-budget offers, a good value for money and great attitude by the staff. In generally, every ski resort in Bulgaria worth visiting, so what are you waiting for :)?

If you do not know how to book you winter vacation in Bulgaria, visit the best travel site 2018 – Balkan Holidays! There you will find many offers for holidays in some of the ski resorts in Bulgaria, as well as a great variety of hotels for you to book even now. Low prices, excellent conditions and many additional services – every hotel that you will see in Balkan Holidays is competitive and meeting the European standards. Do not think that just because in Bulgaria is cheap, the quality is low. That’s not true!

It is time to forget about the summer vacations and to think about the winter ones. It is already fall outside and people start planning their holidays in the mountain. Book your holiday now and be calm that you have resolved this issue. Bulgaria is the right decision in any cases, so do not hesitate at all and make a hotel reservation for the whole family…

Every holiday is perfect with Balkan Holidays. Let your winter fairy tale begin and book your ski vacation in Bulgaria now!