Croatia – the sea paradise… Learn more!

If you have to make a raking of the top summer destinations in Europe, what would it be? Which places you like most when it comes to sea tourism and summer entertainments? – Bulgaria, Greek, Spain, Turkey or probably Croatia… Where you want to go this summer and how you wish to spend your family vacation? – Filled with many exciting emotions of which you will raise your adrenaline or in such a way so that when you leave to be relaxed and even pre-rested?

Well, we all have different visions as regards to summer holidays and ways of relaxation… Some of us imagine their holiday on an exotic island, while others are looking for cheaper and more unpretentious place.

But if there is a destination that to allows you to experience both excitements and peaceful moments, it will be just perfect! – And we know such a place… It is not far at all and it is not exotic. But is striking beautiful and you should go there this summer!

The country of Croatia – this is the right destination for you to go in case you are keen on romance, history, culture and amazing sights (with this holiday to Croatia you will understand that the world is really amazing).

The country is a real paradise for everyone who is looking for recreation, but in the same time would like to experience exciting, night emotions and varied beach entertainments. This is a place that millions of holiday lovers visit every year and do not even think to go somewhere else! And today we are going to tell you why…

Croatia is very, very beautiful land. There is a long list of amazing resorts, historical places and lovely cities that just can take your breath away with its incredible energy and powerful atmosphere!

For example, the city of Dubrovnik is the perfect proof that Croatia is hiding simply incredible places and that the country is rich in interesting history and impressing, cultural heritage. This wonderful town is one of the most visited spots in the country, as well is included in the program of every tourist offer for Croatia. And we are sure that you know Dubrovnik from the Internet, from the TV or from some showcase of a travel agency… It is so beautiful, that there is no way you to just skip it!

The Plitvice lakes is that place in Croatia where you can be in a close contact with the nature. This adorable Park is so fairy and enchanting that even the most unemotional tourist will melt by the amazing views that this place is hiding! And if you love waterfalls, turquoise lakes, forests and fresh air, the visit of the Plitvice lakes will give you a real pleasure. Enjoy!

Zagreb… This is the capital of Croatia that is also very beautiful place for you to spend an unforgettable and pleasant stay during the summer season. This city is really remarkable with its gorgeous buildings and impressing atmosphere. There you can have diversified and memorable stay with your family, as well as to fully enjoy the best time of year – the summer! And if you love shopping or to visit cozy cafes, be informed that in Zagreb there are many of both of them, so your day will be interesting and filled with numerous pleasant emotions…

Finally, we would like to point out that Croatia is hiding many other astonishing places that worth be seen. This country is ranked not for nothing as one of the most attractive destinations for summer holidays… Since so many people visit Croatia, it means that there is a reason – see more about this land and visit Balkan Holidays in Google +.

And if you are curious to see with your own eyes this lovely land, just do it and do not hesitate at all! Do it even this summer and stop looking for another places – Croatia is the best option for you to experience the holiday of your dreams!

Enjoy this video about Croatia: