The city of Dubrovnik – the place we will never get tired to visit… See why!

If we can stay in a good hotel during our summer vacation, it will be really great! This is very important because if our hotel room is cozy and suitable for relaxation, we will be able to take a fulfilling rest after a long day of sightseeing… But is this actually the most significant factor for a good holiday? Isn’t most important we to go somewhere where to be surrounded by captivating nature and lots of beauty? – We think that even if we book a luxury hotel and spend lots of money of it, our holiday will not cost anything if we are not able to enjoy some really wonderful destination…

Croatia as an option for your next summer vacation is a perfect example that even if you stay in a tent, your holiday there will be just as memorable as if you stay in a palace! And since this amazing country is hiding too many lovely resorts to list them all, we are going to tell you which one in our opinion (and according to many independent rankings) the most beautiful and impressing is! Learn more about Holidays in Dubrovnik – Croatia by Balkan Holidays!

The city of Dubrovnik – the place we will never get tired to visit and the holiday destination that millions of people also never stop exploring! The town is popular with its antiquity and numerous breathtaking sights and as much as you stay there, your residence won’t be enough!

The list of landmarks you can see and enjoy in Dubrovnik is so long, that you will need more than one-week vacation in the town… But let’s say that it is impossible for you to stay long-time and need to get useful tips and proven advices on how you can use optimally your time in Dubrovnik.

The first you have to see after arriving in the city are the City Walls! This amazing sight of the town is really impressing with its size and unique location – the City Walls are surrounding the whole city and in the past they have served to protect Dubrovnik against attacks! Today, their purpose is very different and much more pleasant – to enjoy the millions of tourists and to remind them of the distant past… See the gorgeous Adriatic when visiting the City Walls – if you look it from above, it is so stunning and inspiring! Enjoy it!

Go to the old town of Dubrovnik, take a walk along the marble street and do not forget to take photos of the incredible, small houses and all the architectural landmarks. In the town they are many of them and if you are not impressed enough by the City Walls, then the Old Town of Dubrovnik will do that for sure!