Enjoy the romance in Nessebar, Bulgaria!

We love the summer! We love it because the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the beach is waiting for us! The beach… Our favorite place when outside is hot and when we are looking for coolness! The beach is also the place where we can have fun, where we can experience an exciting disco night and where we can even meet new friends. Yes, this so ordinary at first look place is actually a whole world where you can spend a really long time… And why not!

Since the beach is the first thing that comes to your mind when the summer nears, it is completely normal you to want to visit some amazing sea resort where to spend an excellent vacation with your family. We want it too! And know very well where to go… Do you want to share with you where one of the best summer resorts in Europe is and where we attend to go this summer?

Of course, you do and we know it without telling us! Just keep reading and save your thanks for later :).

Well, in our opinion one of the most amazing summer destinations in Europe is Nessebar (Nessebar Beach is also awesome)… But do not think that Nessebar is the typical summer resort. And it is not even a resort… No, it is more than that! There you will find not only gorgeous beach and nice hotels, but a long list of breathtaking, historical sights, old houses and museums too… And ancient churches! All that makes Nessebar for being unreal beautiful, strikingly romantic but in the same time so simple… And exactly this simplicity gives the city of Nessebar that energy and atmosphere attracting millions of people every year – not only during the summer, but during the whole year!

If you want to touch the beauty of Nessebar, if you want to experience the most romantic vacation ever and to make someone who you love happy, then what are you waiting for? Just book a hotel in Nessebar and let this amazing place fascinate you – with its endless romance and with the magical energy that is everywhere! Go ahead and do not hesitate at all – we do not know a holidaymaker who has been in this town and who doesn’t love it…

As we already said, Nessebar is not only beach and hotels; it is a place where you can enjoy interesting culture, ancient buildings, lots of well-preserved ruins and an ocean of romance! And if you like such holidays, then go to the old town of Nessebar, spend there a week and go back home not only with bronze tan, but with many pleasant memories too. And why not with new love :).

The amazing city of Nessebar is on the top of the list of holidaymakers from all over the world… We are not wondered at all, because we also are one of the huge fans of Nessebar and always will. To go on a holiday during the summer season in Nessebar won’t be only a pleasant stay on the beach; it will be a real cultural and romantic adventure that you always will remember. And every summer you will want to go back to this wonderful city again for more summer emotions and romance…

Well, definitely after all we said, we want to pack up and to visit the city even before the summer has come! But is it possible to experience the same unforgettable vacation now? Do we have the chance to organize our holiday in Nessebar earlier? – Yes, we can! And if you are very impatience (just like us), as well as can’t wait the summer – book your hotel now and enjoy the spring in Nessebar. As we like to say: for two lovers, it doesn’t matter what the season outside is when they want to spend a lovely time in private…  And in Nessebar ;). Enjoy!