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Want to rent a car for one day or more? Need to reach a certain part of Bulgaria and you are looking for transfer? – Well, you are on the right place, because “Alexandrov rent a car” is the best company dealing with rendering of modern and well-maintained cars! It is famous with its great professionalism in the field of rent-a-car and will offer you the best solution depending on your specific needs.

At some point, each one of us needs to hire a car. Most often this happens when we are on a holiday in some foreign country and do not have a personal car, but want to explore more places in the area. So, car rental is the best way for you to travel comfortably, as well as not to conform to the buses time-table! Also with that, you will be able also to set out for the place you want to reach whenever you wish and to go back whenever you

Yes, to rent a car is a really great comfort and many people spare no funds to provide it when they are on way. But how many companies offer such services…? – Hundreds? – Thousands?

Well, the truth is that the choice of companies offering transport services in Bulgaria is really huge. But if you want really the best for you and your family, while you are on a vacation in Sunny Beach, Sozopol or Burgas area in Bulgaria, then just call “Alexandrov rent a car”! They have a long list of modern, comfortable and in perfect order cars and really will amaze you with their good services and professional touch… You can hardly find a company that can offer so attractive deals and discounts, as well as to dispose with so varied range of cars (you can see them by checking their web site)!

Except that you can hire a car for one day, for a week or more, you can also take advantage of the transfers that “Alexandrov car rental services” offers.

With that service, you can reach every point desired along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and to travel to different places inside of the whole country! We would like to point out that you can make a choice between cars, mini-van or minibus, with or without the professional drivers that will provide you safe and comfortable ride!

Rent a car is not only an additional convenience, but sometimes even a necessity… If you have kids and need to go somewhere, but do not having your personal car, the best way for you to avoid the unpleasant situations related to the public transport is by renting one, right?

We all know that is much easier to “load” your children in the car, instead to wait half an hour to come the bus… We can bet that your kids will not sit quietly until the bus arrives, right? J

So, save yourself all this stress and negative emotions and rent a car from one of the best (if not the best firm in Burgas aria) There are a lot of cheap prices and promotions starting from 25 per day, so you can enjoy pleasant trip and excellent conditions during your holiday in Sunny Beach or Nessebar. And in addition, you can also hire a car with child car seat that is universal and suitable for all kind of ages!

All cars in “Alexandrov car hire services” are well-maintained and have a modern vision. The company offers a variety of different models and depending to your personal preferences, you will be able to choose the car you like the most! There are available small and big options for a car, as well as such with manual transmissions or automatic. Even if you want, they will be able to rent a car according to your preferences for color… Very nice, hm?

So, as you can see, for yourself the company is highly developed in its field and offers very good quality on reasonable prices.

Another great and very attractive service that “Alexandrov rent a car” offers is to rent a car with personal driver. This is the best option for everyone who doesn’t have a driving license, or just do not want to drive during vacation (reasonable)!

But, for sure there are many other reasons why you should to take advantage of this amazing way for travel… For example, you can go somewhere and consume alcohol and we all know that to drive after that is extremely undesirable, right? Don’t take this risk and trust the professionals – they will not only take you to the place you want to reach, but will be very pleasant company during the trip too. And if we have to show a bit sense of humor, would say that to travel with personal driver is the best way for you to feel like a VIP! J

Well, “Alexandrov rent a car” is the best company in Burgas (airport) area when it comes down to rent-a-car. All the feedbacks regarding both the cars and the services that the company offers are very positive and everybody who, at least once, has used them will use them again. Be one of the happy clients of “Alexandrov rent a car” and trust their long experience and great professionalism!

To be on vacation is awesome! But to travel with nice car is simply amazing… In this way, you can fully enjoy the driving and to give yourself the comfort you need along the way. Do not make any compromises with the conveyance and choose the company that can give you the conveniences you are looking for. They will not disappoint you and even exactly the opposite – will surprise you not only with its attractive cheap prices, but with the variety of useful and present-day services.

We are sure that everybody who wants to travel deserves the best! And we know that you can get it by choosing a good company for car rental. When traveling with modern car and by paying a good cheap price, the pleasure of every travel is increased. It doesn’t matter why you are looking for a car to hire – in any cases (a short or long trip) the need of safe and comfortable solution remains.

So, stop looking for other companies and call “Alexandrov rent a car” – the best choice for every driver! The best solutions for you and your family in case you need reasonable price and good quality!

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